The Journal Club Live!™ Platform

Welcome to the Journal Club Live™ Platform!™ The world’s first online Cyber-Journal club™ platform

For hundreds of years journal clubs have been the main way medical professionals learned new breakthroughs and how to critically read the medical literature.

The Three classical goals of Journal Clubs:

  1. to keep up with the cutting new developments in your field
  2. to learn to classical references from the past
  3. to learn how to critically read new research and decide how to critique them

Today’s New barriers to medical education and journal clubs:

  1. There is an exponential increase in the number of new high quality research publications but less time to read them
  2. There are more journals than ever but less funds to subscribe to them
  3. The departmental journal clubs of the past are largely gone – victims of shrinking budgets and time
  4. Physicians have less time and money to attend local or national medical meetings

New Opportunities of the Journal Club Live™ Platform- the Online Cyber Journal Club™ Platform:

  1. all of the opportunities of traditional journal clubs
  2. 24/7 365 access to video archives of the discussions
  3. an international community of participants building collaboration
  4. direct access to the leading experts in the field
  5. ability to be mentored by experts from around the world
  6. collaborative discussions between physicians patients and industry
  7. for the first time ever participation by the journal article’s  author

February 2013 Journal Club – World’s First


March 2013 – World’s First Transcontinental Journal Club – USA, Spain, and India


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